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Based in Lyons, Georgia USA, A&M Farms is a 30+ year old Vidalia onion farm, family-owned & operated, with deep ties to the Ag community across the globe. Aries & Megan Haygood are farm co-owners, and Peter Askew serves as CTOO (chief technical onion officer 🙂 )

A&M is also the leader in farm-to-door Vidalia Onion delivery. Each Spring, we box up & ship over 80,000 pounds of Vidalias to customers across the lower 48 United States. UPS is our exclusive partner in that endeavor. More info can be found at: .  

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Follow us as we film & share behind the scenes at a real Vidalia onion growing, packing, & shipping operation. Hosted by Aries Haygood of A&M Farms in Lyons, Georgia ~ USA.

Adam Ragusea (YouTuber with 2M+ subscribers) visited A&M

Adam dropped by the farm over the course of an entire grow cycle & recorded this wonderfully in-depth chronicle of the Vidalia onion industry.

He briefly touches on the background of our unique sweet onion, the seeds we use, our methods of hand planting, and tools we utilize to harvest, pack & ship.

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